Facing the chaos within



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Even if a person does not observe Lent, the themes are universal and necessary :

Sometimes the etymology of a word can be helpful. Linguistically, lent is derived from an old English word meaning springtime. In Latin, lente means slowly. Etymologically, then, lent points to the coming of spring and it invites us to slow down our lives so as to be able to take stock of ourselves.

Lent has always been understood as a time to metaphorically spend forty days in the desert unprotected by normal nourishment so as to have to face “Satan” and the “wild animals” and see whether the “angels” will indeed come and look after us when we reach that point where we can no longer look after ourselves. For us, “Satan” and “wild animals” refer particularly to the chaos inside of us that normally we either deny or simply refuse to face – our paranoia…

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…..and feel trapped in our lives


Treat each guest honorably. He may be clearing you out for some new delight. Rumi, The Guest House

Sometimes the things that are weighing us down in our lives can feel pretty big. We feel pinned down by them, constantly burdened. It could be confusion over  where our career is going; we could have financial worries; often it is family or relationship issues that cause restless nights; we can feel lonely and afraid. All that used to give us some joy has slipped away. At moments like these life seems to be sucked out of us, and we feel physically tired, unable to find real rest. We give up, not wanting to put ourselves in the position to be hurt again, or to grieve again, or   to be frustrated and angered, humiliated, disappointed. One image used in the Christian liturgy today – that of the boulder blocking the tomb –…

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Developing a secure sense of self: 1



Being comfortable with our life as it is, does not just mean that we are ok with the external elements in our life, such as our job, where we live, our relationships.  It also means that we have some degree of comfort and security in our sense of self. The self can be understood as the system that organizes our experience. It consists of the sensations, feelings, thoughts, and attitudes we have toward ourself and towards the world.

Our emotional health is related to us having a cohesive, strong, balanced and joyful sense of self. When this is not so strong,  and we are constantly uncertain of ourselves, we may find that we are always looking for approval and the validation of others. We can get unduly knocked down by their criticism. In other words, when we feel we are disapproved of, we feel crushed, and when we are…

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How to Speak Your Truth in Life – and the Cost of Not Doing It

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Openhearted Rebel

using-our-powerful-authentic-voice-even-when-ite28099s-hard-to-speak-speak-your-mind-even-if-your-voice-shakes-1-330x251By Juliet Tang,Wake Up World

Have you ever felt there is a ball of words stuck in your throat that you have to swallow hard to keep it down? What about those times when you are dying to say “no” but “yes” comes out, and you beat yourself up afterwards? Do you often feel like a doormat, a victim, or someone who has been taken advantage of?

If this sounds like you (even occasionally), you are not alone. Many of us hold onto the belief that it is not socially acceptable for us to speak our truths because we may offend others, get into uncomfortable confrontations or be viewed as a mean person that no one will like. As a result, we are living under an internalized false projection launched at us from society that scripts what we should and shouldn’t be saying and doing, and imprisoning ourselves in…

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Louis Calaferte – Poème (1994)


Le monde est notre désir.
Le monde est notre vouloir.
Il n’y a rien à dire du monde — sauf qu’il nous ressemble trait pour trait.
Si nous le trouvons médiocre — c’est que nous sommes médiocres.
Si nous le trouvons vain — c’est que nous sommes vains.
Si nous le trouvons affreux — c’est que nous sommes affreux.
Si nous le trouvons dur — c’est que nous sommes durs.
Si nous le trouvons morne — c’est que nous sommes mornes.
Si nous le trouvons petit — c’est que nous sommes petits.
Si nous le trouvons écœurant — c’est que nous sommes écœurants.
Si nous le trouvons hostile — c’est que nous sommes hostiles.
Il ne changera que quand nous changerons.
Il est nous et indéfiniment il nous ressemblera.
Pour l’instant c’est un monde de terre sèche.
Il y aura un brin d’herbe quand vous serez devenus brin d’herbe.

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Natufian Woman

Tyrannoninja's Art and Writing

Natufian Woman

This woman from the Natufian culture is harvesting some early wheat with her rudimentary sickle, which she has made by attaching stone bladelets to a wooden handle.

The Natufians were an Epipaleolithic culture which thrived in the Levant (Israel to Syria, in the Middle East) between 12500 and 9500 BC. They started out as hunter-gatherers living in small villages, but archaeologists believe their exploitation and cultivation of wild grains laid the foundations for the first agriculture in Western Eurasia.

Both the Natufians’ material culture and certain skeletal features suggest an origin or at least influence from the African continent, and one recent study even found a preponderance of African haplogroups such as E (on the Y-chromosome) in DNA extracted from their remains. Nonetheless, their African ancestry would be carried over with the spread of agriculture into Europe and the Middle East, and to this day it can constitute up to…

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How I Abandoned the Pursuit of Happiness and Took My Life Back


Good at Life

Awesome donkey

Back in 2010 I went through a really tough period after an unexpected lay off from a job I was completely in love with when the company decided to close its doors.  Everything in my life changed- I was unemployed, I had to move out of my apartment, and I was 32 and living with my parents.  Not an easy change in life course to adapt to.  Needless to say, I was perturbed by this change in circumstances and struggled for a while to get it together.  Even though some things turned our really great as a result-I fell in love with and married a hell of a guy, I got to move out to sunny California, I learned a lot of interesting things during my free time (YouTube University to the rescue!) etc.- I felt really lost for a while.  I didn’t have a clear career path in front…

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The Lie We Believe About Human Happiness…

Christianity For The Rest Of Us

I have a running joke with some people in my life that I am actually going to start telling the truth of who I am on my social media sites. When asked what he left out of his memoir Blue Like Jazz, Donald Miller jokingly said, “The truth.” Likewise, the same is true with social media. We only post the best parts of our lives, we post the parts of who we want to be with the world. Our social media selves are actual selves we wish to be true. What we project onto the screen is the person we desire to be. I don’t want to start posting Eminem lyrics on my Twitter account. But, I have my Eminem Pandora station on more often than I would admit to the world. Instead, the cool thing is to post lyrics from Bon Iver, because the cool kids all listen to…

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